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5 Most Effective Major Depression Treatment Guidelines
January 27, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of someone discussing their options for major depression treatment guidelines.

When you struggle with depression, it can be hard to reach out for help. Whatever treatment course you choose, you want to know your care provider is adhering to the guidelines for best practices. There’s nothing more frustrating than pursuing multiple treatment options without getting lasting relief from your symptoms. When you work with a care provider who follows the latest guidelines in major depression treatment, you know you’re empowered to confront and overcome the most severe of your symptoms. Here are five of the most effective major depression treatments.


Psychotherapy is one of the most common treatments for depression. During an initial psychiatric evaluation, a psychiatrist may recommend:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): get help identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behavior.
  • Interpersonal therapy (IPT): change how you relate to other people and improve relationships.

There are many different kinds of therapy, including individual, couples, group, and family. The key to effective treatment is finding a therapist with experience in your issues, who you can trust, and with whom you feel comfortable talking candidly.


When you’re dealing with major mental health challenges such as depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, and OCD, they can prove disruptive to your quality of life. One way to regain control and get relief from the most disruptive symptoms is through medication.

After an initial psychiatric evaluation, a care provider will work with you to manage your medication to find the right prescription and dosage so you can thrive.

Spravato treatments

Spravato is a new major depression treatment that offers hope to individuals for whom medicine and psychotherapy haven’t helped. Spravato combines a nasal spray of esketamine with an oral anti-depression medication.

The nasal spray is self-administered under the supervision of a doctor. After treatment, individuals stay for observation for several hours, during which they may experience heavy sedation, disassociation, or raised blood pressure.

Spravato is the latest guideline for treatment-resistant depression, providing immediate and lasting results for some individuals.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

This non-invasive treatment uses magnetic fields to stimulate activity in the areas of the brain most affected by depression. Transcranial magnetic stimulation provides an effective alternative for individuals who haven’t responded well to traditional treatment guidelines for major depression.

During treatment, a doctor places an electromagnetic coil against your forehead. For some patients, affecting the brain’s magnetic fields reduces common symptoms of depression and improves their overall mood.

Ketamine infusions

Ketamine infusions are gaining popularity as a new treatment guideline for major depression. Traditionally, ketamine is used as a general anesthetic and sedative. It’s not recommended as an initial treatment for depression. Still, it is employed when other treatments haven’t proven effective for an individual.

As a depression treatment, a low dose of ketamine is administered intravenously for about 45 minutes. Patients remain under the supervision of a medical professional and may experience side effects similar to Spravato treatments, such as sedation and disassociation.

Many patients experience immediate and lasting relief from depression symptoms following treatment.

Bella Jace Center for Health provides clients with new major depression treatment guidelines, including ketamine infusions.

The skilled team at the Bella Jace Center for Health is committed to improving mental well-being for every client through listening, supporting, and empowering journeys of self-discovery. We work across various diagnoses, including post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder. We follow the most innovative guidelines for treatment to ensure we’re providing our patients with the best options available in mental health today. Our compassionate services cater to our client’s unique needs.

Schedule an appointment with Brentwood-based Bella Jace Center for Health, where we provide holistic and alternative care that adheres to best practices and guidelines for major depressive treatment.

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