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New Treatments for Major Depressive Disorder
January 13, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Image of a woman who is using yoga as a new treatment for major depressive disorder.

When you’re diagnosed with major depressive disorder, finding a treatment that works for you can take time. There are more options now than ever before, leaving individuals with depression with numerous opportunities to find effective therapy. From medication to talk therapy, exercise, and meditation, finding a path to living with depression is often about finding a combination of treatments that work for your body, mind, and lifestyle. When they’re dealing with mental health issues, many people aren’t aware of the variety and number of new treatments for major depressive disorder. Here are some depression treatments you may not know.

Yoga and mindfulness

Yoga isn’t like other forms of exercise, which can also improve some of the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Depression can make it hard to get out of bed, let alone put on running shoes or get on a bicycle. Instead, yoga uses gentle movement partnered with controlled breath and mindfulness.

A daily yoga practice strengthens the connection between the mind and body. The stronger that link, the easier it is to clear your mind and live in the present moment–both crucial aspects of living with anxiety or depression and dealing with daily or chronic stress. Studies have shown that yoga’s benefits include:

  • Reducing the impact of stress
  • Improving the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Learning self-soothing techniques
  • Improved energy

Yoga is also a practice that individuals can do at home, even when they’re not feeling up to going to a gym or studio.

Ketamine infusions

One of the most well-known new treatments for major depressive disorder is ketamine infusions. Patients visit a clinic for intravenous low-dose ketamine. During the treatment, individuals experience deep relaxation and are under heavy sedation.

The ketamine reacts with brain receptors, decreasing the symptoms of depression, often as quickly as after the first session.

A psychiatrist will design the treatment to your specific needs and work with you to adjust the infusions to a schedule that provides ideal benefits. Most psychiatrists recommend a certain number of initial treatment sessions within a few weeks and then regular maintenance infusions after the initial session.

Spravato treatment

When you have treatment-resistant depression, new treatments for major depressive disorder can mean relief from your most pressing symptoms. Spravato combines medication with a nasal spray of esketamine, similar to ketamine infusions.

For patients who feel uncomfortable with ketamine infusions or haven’t experienced the benefits they anticipated, Spravato treatment offers an effective alternative.

While there are initial side effects such as dizziness and sedation, it can also improve the symptoms of depression in as little as a few hours. Bella Jace Center for Health providers work alongside patients as a partner in their mental health. They provide all the necessary information to decide what new treatment for major depressive disorder will work best for your mental health symptoms.

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a non-invasive treatment used when traditional methods aren’t effective. Providers use magnetic fields to stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for the mood to decrease the symptoms of depression.

Common side effects are usually mild and can include:

  • Headaches
  • Tingling on the scalp
  • Lightheadedness

Doctors recommend five sessions a week for four to six weeks and regular maintenance sessions after the initial course of treatment.

The Bells Jace Center provides new treatments for major depressive disorder, such as yoga, mindfulness, and more.

At Bella Jace Center, our providers are committed to providing compassionate, innovative treatment for a wide variety of mental health issues, including generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and major depressive disorder. We use whatever treatment works for our clients, including medication, ketamine infusions, Spravato treatments, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Along with our medical treatment plans, we support healthy lifestyles to empower individuals to feel their best.

If you’re using yoga to cope with depression, our psychiatrists can work with you to find more new treatments for major depressive disorder.

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