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New care options for treatment-resistant anxiety
June 21, 2022 at 12:30 AM
Image of a woman in therapy discussing new treatment options for treatment-resistant anxiety.

When you’re dealing with anxiety, it can permeate every aspect of your life. Even if you seek treatment through cognitive behavioral therapy and anxiety medication, about 40 percent of those with generalized anxiety disorder respond to the first line of treatment. After making an effort to treat your anxiety, it’s disheartening to go through treatment without results. If you haven’t experienced relief from your current medication, there are new care options for treatment-resistant anxiety.

Start with a psychiatric re-evaluation

An accurate diagnosis is essential for getting effective treatment. When you switch between care providers, it’s a good idea to go through a new psychiatric evaluation. Your mental health challenges, both general and daily, may have changed since you received a diagnosis from your last care provider.

During an evaluation, the psychiatrist may have new approaches to your health, whether adjusting your current medication, changing medications, or trying an entirely new care strategy for treatment-resistant anxiety.

Medication management

Medication management is a core component of anxiety treatment. Not only is it a matter of finding the right prescription, but the correct dosage to balance the side effects with the medication’s impact.

It can be frustrating to schedule medication management with a general practitioner or busy psychiatrist. Improving treatment-resistant anxiety often comes down to finding a care provider committed to partnering with patients during medication management to find the ideal prescription that provides results.

Ketamine infusion treatment

Ketamine infusion is one of the newest treatment options for various mental health concerns, including generalized anxiety disorder. While mental health treatment is an off-label use for ketamine, it is effective, particularly when traditional care hasn’t delivered results.

There are minimal side effects of ketamine treatment. It’s administered via IV either in a psychiatrist’s office, such as the Bella Jace Center for Health, or in a general practitioner’s care by an anesthesiologist. Most individuals undergo six treatments over two to three weeks, with some experiencing immediate improvement in their symptoms.

Spravato treatment

Spravato treatment is similar to ketamine treatment, but instead of receiving IV medication, it’s a nasal spray mixed with a prescription antidepressant. It’s most effective against depression and can be helpful for individuals who have depression as well.

Working with a psychiatrist experienced in alternative treatment for anxiety, depression, and OCD gives patients new treatment plans that may deliver results previous care plans didn’t.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is painless and free from side effects. It may provide results for depression symptoms in individuals with treatment-resistant anxiety. TMS uses magnets to noninvasively stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for mood.

Treatment-resistant anxiety doesn’t mean you’ll never experience relief from your symptoms. Finding a psychiatrist familiar with holistic care provides you with new avenues of treatment that may deliver effective and lasting results.

Make an appointment with Bella Jace Center to get holistic care for treatment-resistant anxiety.

Bella Jace Center is a Brentwood psychiatric practice that provides holistic care to help our patients to enhance their mental health. Whatever you’re dealing with in life, you can get experienced, nonjudgmental support from the team at Bella Jace Center. You deserve the best care available, which is why we commit to helping our clients to achieve their mental health goals through balanced treatment plans. From initial evaluations to medication management and ketamine infusions, our team of expert psychiatrists will adjust your treatment plan until it delivers results.

Get holistic mental health care that responds to your changing needs from Bella Jace Center. Schedule an appointment and learn about your care options for treatment-resistant anxiety.

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