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Top Mental Health Resources in Brentwood, TN
August 11, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Top Mental Health Resources in Brentwood, TN

Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. And the pandemic has only fueled the need for more mental health resources over the last few years. In addition to a lack of resources, navigating the mental health resources available in Brentwood, TN, is difficult.

If you are looking for top mental health resources, here are some locally available options.

Available Resources if You Are in a Crisis

If you are in a crisis and need to speak with someone quickly, Tennessee has a 24-hour mental health crisis line that can be reached any day during the year. You can call 855-274-7471 to speak with a trained crisis counselor for free or text HELLO to the crisis text line at 741-741.

Another option available to you if you are in a crisis is the Metrocenter location of the Mental Health Cooperative in Nashville. It’s a 24-hour, walk-in crisis center where anyone can receive free treatment and avoid visiting the standard emergency room for mental health care. You can reach the Mental Health Cooperative at 615-726-0125.

Top Resources for Finding a Therapist

Finding a therapist is crucial for getting long-term mental health care. However, while you may want to see a therapist immediately, it will take time, and you might have to speak to several therapists before finding the right fit.

The portal on Psychology Today lets you find licensed therapists near you. You can see each therapist’s certifications, demographic information, and specialties to discover who’s best for you.

No matter who you decide to see, you should give your new therapist time and attend a few sessions before finding someone new. You should also be prepared to take notes and answer questions, even if they are difficult.

Resources for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

You have several options if you are in recovery and dealing with mental health issues. NAMI and Centerstone, which provides addiction recovery treatment and counseling services, are resources that are available to you in this situation. If you are looking for family-focused solutions, the Nashville Family and Children’s Service provides counseling services.

In Brentwood, the Bella Jace Center is a resource you can use to improve your mental wellbeing. Our highly trained providers are here to assist patients in enhancing their mental health. By taking a supportive approach, our trained professionals can help patients in all areas of their lives.

Resources for Helping Loved Ones

Caring for someone in your life who struggles with their mental health can be difficult. But the good news is that support is available in and around Brentwood. NAMI Davidson County hosts free support groups for caregivers and education courses to help people better understand how to advocate for themselves.

If you are looking to care for those in your religious community, the Suicide Prevention in the African American Faith Community Coalition (SPAAFCC) is a group of clergy and therapists. Its goal is to equip clergy with the tools to handle situations if a church member confides in them.

Learn More About Available Treatments at Bella Jace Center

If you want to learn more about our practice and how we help patients, schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners.

At Bella Jace Center, our professional and experienced providers are trained to provide a holistic mind-body approach to your mental wellness. We take the time to ensure your treatment is tailored to your exact needs. We are committed to providing our patients in Nashville, TN, with premium, compassionate care, and a nonjudgemental environment.

Get holistic treatment for mental health.
We provide traditional and alternative treatment for mental health issues in Brentwood, TN.