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How yoga is a treatment for depression without medication
December 9, 2021 at 8:00 AM
A woman performing yoga on a mountain top.

People often receive ineffective methods to treat depression. These ineffective treatments make it easy to lose hope for improvement. However, where a conventional treatment fails, an alternative treatment for depression without medication often succeeds. At Bella Jace Center for Health, we’re the leading mental health solution in Brentwood, TN. We emphasize a holistic approach because optimal mental health requires harmonious physical health.

Here’s why yoga is a treatment for depression:

It’s a mindful habit.

One of the most commonly administered treatments for depression is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). MBCT has extraordinary benefits on depression.

The efficacy of MBCT is why yoga is such a crucial treatment for depression without medication. Implementing mindfulness and cognitive therapy in conjunction is critical to improvement. Mindfulness enables you to understand and observe feelings.

Moreover, cognitive therapy enables you to work through them. By definition, mindfulness is real-time awareness of your thoughts, feelings, environment, and bodily sensations. During yoga classes, your teacher emphasizes these elements.

Your instructor will actively encourage you to focus on breathing, observe bodily sensations, and become aware of your feelings. These are vital tools to integrate into your daily life to help effectively treat and work through depression.

Luckily, at Bella Jace, we boast a welcoming, nurturing environment to optimize mindfulness during yoga classes and alleviate depression.

It’s exercise.

The physical component of yoga makes it a prime treatment for depression without medication. Exercise is proven to increase energy and enhance your mood.

Aerobic exercise is especially beneficial, and the breathing aspect of yoga is essential to meditation, which is effective for depression treatment. Plus, aerobic activity releases mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain and decreases stress hormones like cortisol.

Exercise like yoga is a particularly effective method of getting out of your head and clearing your mind. This mental decluttering is vital for treating depression. It also creates a positive connection between your mind and body, which is significant. Physical wellness has a direct impact on mental health.

Optimizing mental health requires attending to both. Physical exercise like yoga improves the overall quality of your life, and it is an excellent way to improve self-esteem, prevent social withdrawal, enhance your overall feeling of mental wellness, and reduce depressive symptoms.

At Bella Jace, we boast a holistic approach, meaning we understand how inextricable physical health is from mental health.

It gives you language.

Yoga is a vital treatment for depression without medication because it transcends simply being a physical exercise.

Yoga integrates ‘the language of inquiry.’ This language enables you to connect with your emotions. Yoga’s lexicon revolves around words like ‘notice,’ ‘experiment,’ ‘curious,’ and ‘investigate,’ which are all invaluable when examining your feelings and thoughts.

Developing a way to cope with and tolerate sensations requires understanding them. Ultimately, this understanding requires identifying, labeling, and communicating internal states and sensations, which yoga teaches.

Learning the language needed to understand your internal experience facilitates your comprehension and contextualization of your internal responses and experiences, which is vital to managing overwhelming sensations. This language enables you to seek proper care.

When you can clearly articulate what you’re feeling and what you need, you can get meaningful help and make progress toward sustainable, improved mental health.

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If conventional treatments have failed to help you treat and manage depression, an alternative treatment for depression without medication is a crucial solution. Fortunately, yoga is a leading method. At Bella Jace Center for Health, our expert staff emphasizes holistic approaches in conjunction with renowned psychological techniques to mental health, meaning we will help you rediscover your balance and alleviate your depression. Schedule an appointment now!

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